How to fix iOS 8's worst headaches

You can fix those things that annoy you most.

Apple may have fixed iOS 8.01, but iOS 8 still has plenty of headaches. Here's how to fix them.

Fix the iOS 8.01 fiasco

Apple claims that its just-released 8.0.2 fixes the woes wrought by 8.0.1. To upgrade to it, tap Settings-->General-->Software Update-->Download and Install.

Kill the U2 album

Not everyone in the world is as enamored with U2's Songs of Innocence album as Apple seems to believe. If the album's very existence annoys you, fear not, because you can delete it. Go to this URL and tap Remove Album. You'll need your Apple ID info.

Completely delete photos

With iOS 8, when you delete a photo, you're not really deleting it. Instead, you're sending it to what is essentially a new trash bin. That means the photos still take up storage space. To completely delete them, run the Photos app and go to the Albums listing. You'll see one titled "Recently Deleted." Tap it, then tap Select-->Delete All.

Improve battery life

Some people have complained about iOS's battery life. There are plenty of easy ways to improve it. To find them all, head to my blog, head to my blog, Is iOS 8 draining your battery? Here's how to fix it.

Hide your recent contacts

Under iOS 8, the multitasking window displays a number of things, including apps you've recently run, and photos of the people who you've contacted recently. If you don't want someone else using your device to know who you've recently contacted, tap Settings-- >Mail, contacts, calendars, then switch off "Show in App Switcher"

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