Hailing a space taxi might be easier said than done [CARTOON]

Expect NASA’s new method for getting astronauts into space to hit the occasional snag

Cartoon showing SpaceX's Dragon capsule. Two astronauts are suited up looking at it. One says 'Dang! I knew a space taxi was a bad idea.' On top of the capsule is a sign like those on real taxis with 'Off Duty' lit up.Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Well, it sounded like a good idea

Big news from NASA this week, when it awarded contracts totaling almost $7 billion to Boeing and SpaceX to build and run “space taxis” for ferrying American astronauts to and from the International Space Station. As a big fan of space stuff, I thought it was good news. It’ll be great to be able to send people back into space again without having to buy a ticket on a Russian rocket. All the same, something about the term “space taxi” takes a little of the luster off of the whole thing for me, since the word “taxi” conjures up smelly, cramped spaces, dangerous drivers and other bad things. Whatevr. I’m sure it’ll all work out fine.

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