5 top tips and tricks for iOS 8

The new operating system has plenty of new tricks. Here are five great ones.

Want to get more out of iOS 8? Then check out these top tricks and tips.

Track down battery killers

Apple claims that iOS 8 makes better use of the battery than previous iOS versions. But as everyone knows, no matter how long your battery lasts, it's not long enough. So make use of a new iOS feature that helps you track down battery-hogging apps so you can take action against them.

Launch the Settings app, then select General-->Usage-->Battery Usage. It shows you which apps have sucked up the most battery juice over the last 24 hours and the last two days. It lists all your apps and the percentage of the battery each has used, with the biggest users at the top.

Once you know that, you can kill the biggest offenders, or else modify how you use them.

Scan your credit card for easier shopping

Tired of having to enter your credit card information at each site where you do buying? A useful new iOS feature will save you plenty of time by scanning your credit card, then grabbing information from it so you won't have to type in information each time you shop.

Launch the Settings app, then select Safari-->Passwords & Autofill-->Saved Credit Cards-->Add Credit Card. You can then either type in all the credit card information, or instead tap Use Camera. Snap a photo of your credid card and it extracts all the right information. You'll then be able to use the card without having to re-type everything in, although if you come to a site that requires a security code, you'll have to type that in.

Recover deleted apps, photos, and and videos

We've all done it -- deleted a photo, a video or an app that we wished we hadn't. Now there's an easy way to recover them. iOS 8 includes a new folder called Recently Deleted. Head there to recover what you've recently deleted.

Protect your privacy by customizing location tracking

You may not realize it, but plenty of apps are tracking your location in the background silently, without you knowing it. iOS 8 takes a step towards helping you know which apps are tracking you, and telling them to stop, or leaving them as is.

Unlike earlier versions of iOS, when certain background app track your location, you'll get an alert. When it pops up, if you tap "Continue," the app will keep tracking you as it would normally. If you want it to stop, tap "Settings" and you'll be able to tell it to stop. You'll be able have the app only track while you're using it, or you can turn off its tracking entirely. Keep in mind that when you do this, you may disable certain features of the app.

Reopen closed tabs

Until iOS 8, iPhone Safari users haven't been able to undo one of the most common Web-browsing mistakes -- accidentally re-opening a tab you accidentally closed. You can do it now, though. Select the tab on the bottom right of the screen, and then press and hold your finger on the + sign. A list of tabs that you've recently closed will appear. Select any to reopen it.

See the desktop version of a Web page

The mobile versions of some Web pages are so stripped down, they're not particularly useful, leaving out links and important information and graphics. With iOS 8, you can ask to view the desktop version of a Web page. This will be particularly useful for those with the large-screened iPhone 6 Plus.

To do it, when you're on a Web page, tap the Address Bar, then drag your finger down. You'll see an option to "Request Desktop Site."

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