The World Cup starts next week. Here's how to enjoy it on Xbox One or Google Chromecast

Credit: Source: Xbox Wire

Are you ready for the excitement of the FIFA World Cup? It starts next week, on June 12th, and runs through to July 13th, and today I've got a few news bits to help you enjoy it.

For Xbox One owners, Microsoft is rolling out an app call Brazil Now on June 12th. Brazil Now is an app meant to be run snapped next to live TV. It'll bring you alerts, real-time stats and score updates while you watch the game. You can set it up to notify you when a match is starting, in case you're so wrapped up in TitanFall that you lose track of the time. There're also polls and twitter feeds and all kinds of metadata that a serious football fan wants to know.

On June 15th "Every Street United" debuts. This series follows footballers Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids as they go in search of the best street football players to take part in a 4v4 game in Rio de Janeiro. This is the first of the "Xbox Originals" we've been hearing about, and I'm excited to see how good it is.

You can learn more about Brazil Now and "Every Street United" at Xbox Wire or at Microsoft's Destination Brazil portal.

If you prefer a Chromecast to an Xbox One there's good news for you as well. Google & ESPN are bringing live sports to the WatchESPN app. In fact it's live now (I was watching, and trying to puzzle out, a live cricket match yesterday afternoon.) Google says you'll be able to watch all 64 matches via the app. The catch is that you do need to log in with your cable provider's account, so this won't be of any use to cord cutters.

For even more football (hmm, in this context I guess I can say soccer) action, the MLS Matchday app is also getting Chromecast support. For that you'll need to subscribe to MLS Live. It's $49.99 for the season.

If you're not a sports nut, Google also wants you to know that CrunchyRoll (which airs anime and Asian dramas) and Google+ photos can now be enjoyed via Chromecast.

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