Apple’s HealthKit could take the fun out of dessert [CARTOON]

Do we really want our doctors getting alerts about what we’re doing?

Cartoon showing a man with a big belly sitting in recliner eating a piece of piece. His wife is standing next to him, holding a telephone and says, 'It's your doctor - he just got an alert that you're having a second helping of pie.'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Your doctor does not approve

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week and, whether you think Apple is still innovating or simply playing catch-up, there's no debating that they generated lots of news and attention, per usual. One of the big things they announced was HealthKit, a part if iOS 8 which will make it easier for your apps to share health related data about you. HealthKit will also allow apps to share your health and fitness data with your healthcare providers.

Per usual, my first thought was, “Is that really a good thing?” and, per usual, my answer to myself was, “Er, maybe not.”

The good news is iOS 8 won’t come out until later this year, so, for now, enjoy that second heaping helping of pie!

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