It's time to Reset the Net

This campaign urges everyone to take one step towards a more secure, private internet

A year after Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA's surveillance programs, nothing has been changed to increase users' privacy rights, and every day there have been just more revelations of the extent the NSA can spy on us. Reset the Net is a movement to take back our privacy.

For consumers, there's a privacy pack filled with downloadable tools to keep your data secure. These include mobile apps like ChatSecure, TextSecure, RedPhone, and Cryptocat to protect yourself when communicating on your phone. Tor, Pidgin, and other desktop apps help you browse the web anonymously and encrypt your messages. It's a handy one-stop shop for the privacy-minded. also encourages developers and website owners to take steps to make the internet more secure against mass surveillance, with things like using SSL by default and adding end-to-end encryption. Developers can pledge to make users' security and privacy a priority.

Although the official Reset the Net date is June 5th, if you're reading this after the date has passed, it's never to late to join us (Reddit, DuckDuckGo, Imgur, and BoingBoing are among the companies supporting the campaign).

Here's a graphic with more privacy tips:

Reset the Net
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