Use Google Now to make sure you don't miss your stop on public transportation

Probably one of the most useful features of Google Now

If you've even taken the bus or train while weary but were afraid to fall asleep and miss your stop, this Google Now feature is for you. Actually, it's helpful even if you aren't groggy and just want to make sure you get off the ride at the right place.

Android Police spotted the alarm icon in a Google Now card. When you're taking public transportation and heading to one of your saved locations, such as home or work, just open Google Now on your phone and tap the alarm (if available). Before you get to your destination, Google Now will tell you to it's time to get ready. Your mileage might vary, though, especially if your area isn't supported on Google for public transit.

Still, for frequent commuters prone to falling asleep, or those heading back home after a long night of drunken fun, it's definitely a welcome feature.

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