Check if your computer is infected with GameOver Zeus in one click

With more than a million computers infected with this malware, take just a few seconds to check

The GameOver Zeus (and Cryptolocker) malware has been getting attention in the news lately, thanks to a recent effort by government agencies and security firms to disrupt the botnet. One of those security firms, Finnish firm F-Secure, offers this one-click test to see if your computer is infected with GameOver Zeus, which aims to steal your login credentials for banking sites and other major sites.

Krebs on Security has an overview of this dangerous and resilient malware. Instead of reporting to a central server, GameOver Zeus uses peer-to-peer (P2P) connections, so it's harder for authorities to stop it. What it does is inject code into a web browser when the victim tries to login to a site, such as a bank; it's designed to defeat the two-factor authentication that adds an extra security layer when you log in.

Although, as with most malware, you'll only get infected if you fall victim to phishing schemes, even the most security-aware computer users can be entrapped by those.

F-Secure's GameOver checker is here, and you can learn more about how this test works here. There's no software to download or anything like that. The peace of mind is nice.

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