How to see and go to a specific date in your Google Web History

Google keeps tabs on your search activity. Here's where to view that history and search it

It come as no surprise to you, bu Google saves information about the pages you click on and the terms you search for. These are all collected in Google Web History.

Before you ask, Google assures us that Google Web History is private and only you can see this data. It's collected so you get better search results and recommendation (ad recommendations, in particular, I would guess). Google's support page for this feature states it saves your: Google searches, pages you click on from surch, search results (including private results from Gmail and Google+), ads you clicked on, IP address, browser type and langes, and searches/other activity on Google Maps.

Head to to see your results. You might have to log in again.

For some reason, Google doesn't let you go to a specific date in your Web History, but the unofficial Google blog site has a solution: Convert the date you want to go to into an epock timestamp using the Unix epoch time converter, then add six zeros to the end of the number to convert it to microseconds, and add this number to the end of the Google Web History URL with the parameters lts and fts, e.g.,: (replacing "MICROSECONDS" with your number).

Google Web History is actually pretty handy, since it shows more than just the sites you've visited (as in Chrome's history). But if you'd like to turn it off, just go to the Web History page linked above, settings, and click the "Turn off" button.

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