Watch out! The Fire phone knows what you’re looking at [CARTOON]

Amazon’s new smartphone can track your head movements; what could go wrong?

A couple are sitting at an outdoor cafe. The man says to the woman, pointing to a hunky guy who just walked past them, 'Hey, were you just checking that guy out?!' The woman says, 'No! I swear!' while the smartphone in her hand saysImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

This week Amazon finally unveiled its long rumored smartphone, the Fire. It features something they call Dynamic Perspective, a head tracking system using four front facing cameras in the corners of the phone. Using those cameras, the phone can figure out exactly where your head is facing at all times.

The Fire uses this technology to dynamically adjust what you’re looking at on your phone (pictures, maps, etc.). Sounds neat and all but, being the glass-is-half-empty guy that I am, I immediately thought of the bad ways in which this technology could be used. But, I’m probably just being a worrywart, right?

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