How to see your Windows Experience Index (WEI) score in Windows 8.1

Microsoft's tool to rate a computer's strength is not entirely gone in Windows 8

Microsoft's Windows Experience Index (WEI) evaluates the different components on a computer. When you're shopping for a new computer or wondering what to upgrade on your PC, the scores come in pretty handy. In Windows 8, however, the WEI appears to have disappeared, but here's how you can see your computer's scores.

First, there's ChrisPC Win Experience Index. This free (for home users) utility replicates the Windows Experience Index graphical user interface you're probably familiar with from Windows 7 and earlier. It quickly shows your computer ratings for the processor, memory, graphics, gmaing graphics, and hard drive. You can also share the results if you like or re-run the assessment.

Windows Experience Index in Windows 8

If you don't want to download anything, you can also just look at the raw WEI numbers using the command prompt. Scott Hanselman has the instructions for how to do this. You just need to type in one command and then run a second command in Powershell.

Either way, the higher the score, the better. Your overall (base) score will be determined by the lowest-scoring component, which, in my laptop is the graphics card.

Oh well. What's your WEI score?

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