Netflix v. Verizon is getting good [CARTOON]

When two big companies go at it publicly, we all win

A couple watching TV. The TV screen shows a Netflix warning which says 'Your video is slow to load because Verizon is run by greedy tools.' The man says to the woman 'Truth be told, this is more entertaining than most of Netflix's content anyway.'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Who says there's nothing to watch on Netflix?

The battle between Netflix and Verizon is heating up fast! First, Netflix told its users on Verizon that Verizon was to blame for poor streaming quality. Then, Verizon returned volley by threatening to sue Netflix if they didn’t cut it out and then Netflix told Verizon to, basically, shove it. As a Netflix customer who is rarely able to find anything good to stream on their service (I’m not into Orange is the New Black, so that doesn’t leave much), I must say that I've found this whole back and forth pretty entertaining! I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Have a great Father’s Day, everyone!

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