Move your to do list to a new tab page in Chrome

Dayboard helps you focus on your most important tasks each day

Endless to do lists generally do not work. One productivity strategy is to plan on doing only your most important three to five tasks each day. A Chrome extension, Dayboard, is a pretty smart way to help you focus on those tasks. 

The extension replaces Chrome's standard new tab page with a simple, minimalist task list, limited to five items. Check them off as you go along your day or go into the Focus mode, which reminds you of your single next task to do. Dayboard will also track your progress in the History page and keep your tasks in sync on other computers.

Dayboard Chrome extension

New features coming soon include team task tracking and turning off reminders at the end of the work day.

For people who work in the browser all day, as I do, it's a great extension. When opening a new tab, I'm reminded "oh yeah, that's what I'm supposed to be doing now. Better get back to work."

[via Chrome Story]

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