Skim over 1700 TED talks with this spreadsheet

More than 400 hours' worth of inspiring videos listed in one spreadsheet

TED features some of the most inspiring presentations you can watch today from the comfort of your home--with prominent speakers covering all sorts of topics, from technology to business to design to entertainment (and beyond). With more than 1,700 TED talks to watch, it isn't easy to choose your next video. This spreadsheet lists them for you.

It's a crowdsourced Google Docs spreadsheet, so it's not the most attractive way to look at available talks. You could instead browse videos on TED to see thumbnails of talks and filter them by subject or other factors. 

If you don't want to look through the available videos 30 thumbnails at a time, though, head to the spreadsheet. It's a no-frToo bad category isn't a column in the spreadsheet, but otherwise this is one worth bookmarking. [h/t Open Culture]

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