Made with Code: Encouraging and inspiring our daughters to code

This Google-backed initiative hopes to turn more girls into coders

Made with Code is part of a big movement to get more girls to code, at a time when fewer than one percent of high school girls express an interest in majoring in computer science. This matters not just because some of the best job prospects are in computer science, but because coding--and, more importantly, the logic it teaches--is a skill that's useful in just about every field.

Made with Code was launched by Google last week, but it's also backed by Girls Inc., MIT Media Lab, Girl Scouts, National Center for Women & Information Technology, Seventeen, TechCrunch, notable individuals such as Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Clinton, and others.

The site introduces girls to projects like creating a music track, 3D-printing a bracelet (with free printing via Shapeways), and creating animated GIFs. There are a few resources as well for parents and educators on the site, as well as an events lookup so you can find a coding workshop near you.

Made with Code also promises $50 million in support of programs to get more females into CS.

I think every kid should know coding basics, and the extra encouragement for girls is especially important to overcome negative stereotypes like boys are better at math. My daughter's just eight years old, so I'm definitely bookmarking the site to give her a head start.

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