"Nanodegrees" might be the fastest, cheapest way to get a job in tech

New online credentials recognized by the tech industry could land you a job you love--without the student debt

College is ridiculously expensive now (Do you want to have $200,000 in debt hanging over your head when you graduate?). Recognizing this problem--and the high need for more tech employees--online education sites and industry leaders are starting to offer alternative paths to tech jobs. Udacity's new "Nanodegrees" is a promising new offering.

Developed with AT&T, the Udacity Nanodegree courses promise to give you the skills and credentials to get a job in tech, in much less time and for much less money. The online courses can be completed in less than 12 months (while working on weekdays), at a cost of about $200 per month, according to AT&T and Udacity's press release.

According to ReadWrite, AT&T is helping to design the program content and will be offering internships for students of the course, so these alternative "certifications" are getting real-world backing. We've seen before that you don't need a college degree to earn a 6-figure salary coding.

The Nanodegrees currently planned are for people who want to become data analysts, iOS developers, front-end web developers, or back-end web developers (with more degrees being planned). The courses are slated to start in the fall, but you can sign up at Udacity now to be informed about them when the classes start.

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