Today's the last day to download your Springpad data

Move it before it's too late!

Springpad users, the time has come. If you don't download or export your data from Springpad today, you'll never see it again.

Head to Springpad's site and you'll be told that you need to migrate your data. Like, right this minute if you haven't already.

They've included a helpful Evernote migration tool to send your Springpad notebooks to Evernote--you'll need an Evernote account first, of course, and will have to authorize Springpad to connect to Evernote, but after that the process is seamless. Migrating my data to Evernote took just a few minutes. In Evernote, my notes and bookmarks were in identically-named notebooks as they were in Springpad, though they lacked the particular formatting from Springpad.

You could (and probably should) also download your Springpad data in a zip file, for importing elsewhere, perhaps. Microsoft, for example, has a Springpad to OneNote tool/site. After getting your zip file from Springpad, upload it to have it converted into a new OneNote notebook.

So long, Springpad. It was nice while it lasted.

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