Apple TV gets ABC News, PBS Kids and others; Chromecast gets Dailyburn, Stevie and more.

Credit: Source: ABC News

More updates from the battle between traditional TV and streaming video. Apple TV owners just got an ABC News app. ABC promises continuous coverage and hourly updates of top stories from around the world, as well as local coverage and clips from shows like Good Morning America and Nightline.

The big news here is that you don't need a cable TV subscription to access ABC News. I think this is an important detail. When personally relevant breaking news is happening (for example, a storm is headed into your area or there's a shooting nearby — something that can impact you directly) it's important that people can keep updated regardless of whether or not they pay for cable TV. Cord-cutters in urban areas can get news over-the-air but in rural areas that might not always be the case. So kudos to ABC for offering this content to everyone.

Anyway here's ABC's teaser video for the new app:

ABC US News | ABC Sports News

ABC News isn't the only new Apple TV app this week. 9to5Mac draws our attention to a new PBS Kids app (which requires online activation but is free), Willow TV (dedicated to the sport of cricket and requiring a $15/month subscription), a re-designed Flickr app and AOL On.

Google aficionados aren't being left out in the cold; the Chromecast is getting some new support as well. PBS Kids, video discovery app Stevie, music streaming service Deezerand workout app Dailyburn all added Chromecast support this week.

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