Prepare to grovel, cord cutters [CARTOON]

If you gave up cable TV in favor of Aereo, get ready to make it up to your cable guy

Cartoon showing a guy holding a bucket saying 'OK, I've apologized and washed your van. Now will you turn my cable TV back on?' There's a Comcast rep in a hammock with sunglasses on holding out an empty glass who saysImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
The Supreme Court's Aereo ruling could have some unpleasant consequences

The U.S. Supreme Court made a couple of big tech-related rulings this week. One was a decision that the police must get a warrant before searching a cellphone. The other, much less popular, decision was a ruling that the Aereo TV service violated copyright laws. That should kill off Aereo and Aereo-like services, which will probably mean that some cord cutters will turn back to cable TV. Of course, I have no doubt that the cable companies will welcome them back into the fold gracefully…

Happy Friday, everyone!

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