Home IT support can generate its own fireworks [CARTOON]

No July 4th show can match the entertainment value of watching dad upgrade an iPhone

Cartoon of a family of four watching a fireworks show. The dad says 'How about it, kids - have you ever seen a better fireworks show?!' His son says, 'Not since the time you tried to upgrade the OS on mom's iPhone.'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
At least these fireworks don't involve cursing

Tomorrow is July 4th which means that, here in the States, lots of folks will be heading out to watch fireworks. I’m not much of a fireworks fan (yawn), and, besides, not even the legendary 4th of July show here in Boston can match the fireworks that I generated the other night after a home IT support project went haywire. I was updating iOS on my daughter’s iPhone 4s when something went screwy. Long story short, it took me a long evening of hair pulling and swearing to figure out how to recover all of her photos and apps and everything else. Once again, I was reminded of the power of good (and multiple) backups.

Anyway, however you choose to celebrate the 4th, whether it’s watching fireworks or generating some, have fun!

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