Get Microsoft Office for under $10 -- no cheating involved

Yes, it's true, your own full-blown version of Office for $9.95 as long as your employer participates.

Microsoft Office is the most popular productivity suite on the planet, but it doesn't come cheap. Or maybe it does. Here's a way to get it for $9.95, with the help of whoever employs you.

You can get either Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office for Mac 2011 for that price, as long as the company that employs you participates in what's called the Home Use Program (HUP for those who are acronym-happy). If they do, it's a breeze to get your $9.95 copy of Microsoft Office.

Here's what to do. First, ask your IT department or your purchasing department if your company participates. If they do, ask for your company's program code. After that, head to Microsoft's Home Use Program site and click on the country where your company is based.

After that, you'll come to a page that lets you register for Office for $9.95. Fill in your email address, and it needs to be your corporate email address, not your personal one. Then type in the program code. Click Submit, and you'll be able to get Office for $9.95.

Even if you don't know your company's program code, you may still be able to get Office for $9.95. Underneath the Program code text box, click "Don't know your program code? Click here." You'll then only need to enter your email address, and Microsoft will do its best to verify the address and fill in the proper program code itself.

Note that you won't be getting an Office 365 subscription for multiple devices, but instead a single copy of Office. But at $9.95, who's complaining?

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