The schools where Google, Apple, Facebook, and other tech giants recruit employees

Tech companies seem to favor some universities more than others

If you want to get a job (or help your child get a job) at a big tech company, you might want to look at this infographic, which connects universities to employers such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

You probably already know that "who you know" is often more important than "what you know" when it comes to finding a job. Being an alumni at a certain university could help you alot in your networking.

This infographic suggests university allegiances for tech companies--or, at least, the universities these companies most recruit new employees.

Stanford feeds the most graduates to Google, but Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, and MIT graduates also make up a good proportion of Google hires. On the other hand, Microsoft recruits more employees from the University of Washington (not surprising for the Washington-based company) and IBM employs a great many graduates from foreign universities.


It's interesting information if you're interested in a tech career or know someone who is.

See the full graphic on Wired.

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