Razer's Project Christine modular PC struggling to find OEM partner support

Credit: Source: Razer

Last winter at CES Razer was showing off a concept called Project Christine. It was a modular PC that non-technical end users could easily upgrade by swapping out modules. Need a faster video card? Pop out the old card module and pop in a new one. CPU feeling a little sluggish? Same thing, pop out the old one and replace it with a module containing a faster chip.

Here's what PC World had to say at the time, or if you prefer a video, here's Tested talking to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan:

I thought it was a pretty neat concept. The components were all liquid cooled so the system should be super quiet, there was a touch screen interface to give you all kinds of status updates and controls, and in theory at least, it would never become obsolete. Razer was even throwing around ideas like offering some kind of subscription plan that would provide module updates on a regular basis.

Fast-forward about six months and things don't seem to be going so well for Project Christine. Speaking to TechRadar, Tan talked about the difficulties of getting OEM manufacturers on board:

"The challenge is that it's not something we'd like to undertake alone," Tan said. "We've had conversations with OEMs. It's not entirely promising right now because OEMs are excited about pushing products and not really innovating on that front."

The idea is that Project Christine would be an open platform and Razer hoped to get many OEMs producing modules for it, but so far not many seem interested. He did say they hoped to have two or three OEMs on-board by the end of the year.

The bottom line is not only do we not have any idea when Project Christine will launch, it's not entirely clear that it'll ever make it to the consumer product stage, though TechRadar says Tan is "adamant about keeping the door to Project Christine wide open."

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