Who is buying these non Moto 360 Android watches?

Did Google purposely delay the Moto 360 to give LG and Samsung a chance at sales?

At Google I/O this year presenters drew a chorus of boos when they revealed that the Moto 360 watch would not be available until some time later in 2014. They did however release two Android Wear watches from LG and Samsung instead. My question is, who in their right mind is going to buy one of these?

I’ve written previously on the Moto 360 watch. A great looking time piece which we know fairly little about (especially battery life). It is the most anticipated smartwatch to date, excluding a potential iWatch which has yet to be confirmed. The big draw to the Moto 360 is the focus on a traditional round watch design. After all, a watch should look good and tell time above all else. Despite the fact that all indications are pointing to poor battery life, I’m still anxious to buy one.

What I’m not anxious to buy are the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live. True, they’re running the new Android Wear system which looks fantastic and has gotten good reviews, but they look like last generation devices. While I’d accept that they are OK looking, perhaps even the best looking to date, you can’t put them next to a Moto 360 and decide to go square.


Does this explain the delay in releasing the Moto 360? Did Google purposely give LG and Samsung (close partners in all things droid) an opportunity to move some of these units before the Moto 360 completely dominates the Android Wear market? It sure feels that way. With a speculative wait on the Moto 360 of just a few months, I can’t imagine picking another option just to avoid the wait, and it appears I’m not alone in that thinking. In a recent Droid Life poll, 70% of the community said they are buying the Moto 360 compared to just 6% each for the LG and Samsung watches.

I’m certain that the Moto 360 will not be perfect. It’s still early in the smartwatch game and there is a long way to go in battery tech before you no longer need to be concerned with power. The difference is that it looks good. All of these wearables will have the same or similar shortcomings, but the one that looks the best is going to win. So far that’s the Moto 360.

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