Download the largest collection of free Microsoft eBooks so far

Here's another set of free eBooks from MSDN

After releasing several collections of free technical eBooks last year, MSDN's Eric Ligman is back at it with over 130 more free eBooks, bringing the total collection to nearly 300. These free downloads will teach you Windows 8.1, Office 2013 and 365, PowerShell, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Azure, and all other things Microsoft.

The newest additions focus on the latest Microsoft technologies and tools (e.g., "Windows 8.1 Power Users Guide" and "OneNote 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts"), plus reference books for not-yet-outdated technologies.

free ebooks from Microsoft

They're available mostly as PDF files, but some are in EPUB and MOBI versions as well. There's no links to download them all at once, but you can grab the previously shared eBooks in the same post. Here's the link to download the ones you want. Enjoy!

[h/t Lifehacker]

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