How to turn off Facebook's annoying auto-playing videos

Stop the madness

Facebook's auto-playing videos might seem harmless enough--until an obscene or inappropriate video starts playing and your eyes can't unsee it. There's a setting to disable videos from playing automatically, and, for conserving mobile data, making the videos auto play only over Wi-Fi.

On your computer, go to the padlock icon in the top navigation menu then Settings.Then, all the way at the bottom of the left menu, click Videos and toggle the auto-play setting to Off.

On iOS, go to the Settings app, then scroll down to tap Facebook, then Settings. Find the auto-play option to set it to Off or Wi-Fi only.

Finally, on Android, open the Facebook app, then go to the setting screen (the three-lines icon at the far right) and tap Video Auto-play to disable it.

That's it! Videos will now only play if you choose to play them.

[h/t WonderHowTo]

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