Five great free Android apps you've probably never used

You'll want to download and try every one of them.

On the lookout for great Android apps? I've got five free ones that you've probably never used before.


If you're a space geek, you need this app. In fact, even if you're not a space geek you need it. It's got 13,000 images, the latest NASA news and videos, and live streaming of NASA TV. You can track satellites, get the NASA Twitter feed, get information about the latest NASA missions, and plenty more.


Who needs another mapping and navigation service when you've got Google Maps? You do. Google Maps is only available when you've got a data connection, and if you're traveling overseas, that adds up to big bucks very quickly. Navfree, on the other hands, is open source and requires no data connection. It uses onboard maps, stored on your device, so before you go, load them up. Once you're there, mapping and navigation is free.

FxGuru: Movie FX Director

Wish you could direct big, special-effects-driven Hollywood movies with UFO hoverings over your house, or explosives going off in your neighborhood? Well, this app won't quite do that, but it'll give you a sense of what it would be like. Run the app and point your camera at a scene and the app superimposes various scenes on top of it.


Need to save Web pages to read offline and share them with others? Pocket has the answer. You'll be able to save not just text, but graphics and video as well, and you can share them all with others. And it syncs across all of your devices, including phones, tablets, and PCs.


Not happy with the basic photo editing that Snapchat offers? Then get Snapseed. It's got many more effects and filters, excellent autocorrect, and offers a host of photo-editing tools you wouldn't expect on a phone app, much less a free one.

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