The most accurate weather forecast service for your area

From AccuWeather to The Weather Channel: Which one is most accurate depends on where your live

Tons of weather apps and sites aim to forecast the weather as accurately as possible, but, as you know, none of them are 100% reliable. You can find which ones are as good as it gets, though, from ForecastAdvisor.

The site tracks how accurate weather forecast providers like AccuWeather, Dark Sky (, WeatherBug, and even the National Weather Service are when it comes to predicting the high and low temperatures as well as precipitation (rain and snnow). You can view data for the last month or over the last year.

The results depend on your Zip Code. Here's a chart for Santa Monica, CA:

Weather Forecast Accuracy

The ones in bold tend to be most accurate, comparatively.

However, when I search for New York, NY, the results are very different: The Weather Channel, instead of being least accurate, is tops for last month (only 74.71% accurate, though. Santa Monica's weather is more predictable), and WeatherBug takes the top third spot for last year in New York.

Weather providers base their forecasts in large part to the National Weather Service's forecasts, but mix in their own analyses and predictions, so that's why there's such a wide variance.

If you're looking for the best weather forecast service, head to ForecastAdvisor to see how they all stack up.

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