Teach yourself to code: The courses and tutorials recommended by programmers

Programmers on GitHub chime in on the best resources for beginner coders

There are more tutorials and other resources for everyone to pick up programming these days than we can count. How do you dig through all of the options and pick the best ones to try? This site has some suggestions via programmers on GitHub.

It's called, simply, teach yourself to code, and compiles the tutorials available (free and paid) for more than a handful of programming languages: Rails, iOS, Backbone, Node.js, Python, Javascript, Ruby, and HTML/CSS.

The top three recommended resources are shown and linked by default, along with the avatars of the programmers (and companies) who recommend them.

teach yourself to code

If you want to learn to code in one of these languages, this might be a good resource for getting started. Who would know better about learning how to code, after all, than those who are doing it already?

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