5 great free iOS apps you've probably never used

Check out these five app you've never used before

On the lookout for great, free iOS apps? I've give five good ones -- and you probably haven't used a single one yet.


If you use your iPhone for listening to podcasts, you'll want this app. It's a streamlined app for finding, storing, and listening to podcasts, and has a lot of nifty features. Smart Speed, for example, removes silences in the podcasts, so there are no annoying silent gaps. Voice Boost equalizes and compresses podcasts so you can hear them more easily, and also save storage space.


Text messages are so dull. Words, words, and more words. If you want to jazz them up, try this app, which lets you put a video on screen, and have your text overlay on top of the video. And you won't even have to take the video yourself. You'll be able to use clips from the Getty images archive.


If you're a Dropbox users, and you like to share photos, downloading Carousel will be a no-brainer for you. You can have the app automatically backup all your photos to Dropbox when you take them. Carousel also has excellent tools for organizing your photos. And sharing them is a breeze, either individually or in groups.


This app introduces an entirely new way of sharing photos. Take a photo, upload it, and then have it randomly mixed with a photo that someone else shoots. You won't know who you're paired with ahead of time, so it's a great way to discover other people who take photos. You can then see more of their photos, share your merged photo on social media sites, and more.

Sharknodo: Go Shark Yourself

I've long been a fan of Grade B (and Grade C) monster movies, and Sharknado was certainly a classic of its kind. With this app, you can create photos of yourself being attacked by sharks at many locations, including the New York City subway. (Now there's a horror story if ever there were one.) Download it and use it in time for the Sharknado movie, July 30 on SyFy.

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