5 great free tools to power up Dropbox

Dropbox fans, these great tools are for you.

If you're a Dropbox user looking to get more out of the service, I've got help for you. Here are five of my favorite free tools for powering up Dropbox.

Download to Dropbox

Saving files from the Web into Dropbox typically takes more time than you want. It needn't any more. The free Download to Dropbox Chrome extension adds an option to your right-click menu in Chrome that lets you save files right from the Web to any of your Dropbox folders.


There's a good chance that you don't use just Dropbox for cloud storage, but other services as well. ZeroPC, available as a free app for Android and iOS, on the Web, and as a Chrome extension (the extension is now in beta), lets you view file and manage them from multiple cloud providers, including not just Dropbox, but also Google Drive, Box.Net, OneDrive, Evernote, SugarSync, and more. It also works with social media and content storage services including Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

JotForm's Dropbox Forms

If you've got a web site and you'd like people to be able to send files to your Dropbox directly from it, this one is for you. It lets you easily create a form on a Web page that lets people send any file straight into the Dropbox folder of your choosing.


This nifty tool automatically scans specific folders in an IMAP email account looking for attachments, and when it finds any sends them straight to a Dropbox folder. You have complete control over it, including which IMAP folders should be scanned.


Want to get fast access to Dropbox from right within Chrome? Then get EasyDrop for Chrome. It lets you access Dropbox from inside the browser.

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