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In today's Android roundup: Get the best offline games for Android. Plus: Seven file utilities for Android, and bad times are here for Samsung

Android has tons of games, but finding games that can be played offline isn't always easy. Fortunately, Google has compiled a list of the best offline Android games in the Google Play store. And most of them are actually free too, so you can have lots of fun without paying an arm and a leg for your games.

According to Google Play:

Whether you're in airplane mode or stuck with zero bars, all these games require is your thumb. Now you can play your heart out from anywhere with our selection of off-line games.

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Kudos to Google for putting this list together, it should keep many Android gamers happily playing offline for many hours. The list is quite extensive and includes more than 60 games.

Here's a brief sample of some of what you'll find:

Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame

Despicable Me

Jetpack Joyride

Arena of Heroes

Ice Age Village

Beach Buggy Blitz

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Tap the Frog

Aslphalt Moto

Fishing Paradise 3D

Plants Versus Zombies 2

Angry Birds Star Wars

Pac-Man Dash

Final Fantasy IV

Rayman Jungle Run

Whew! There are just way too many for me to list here. But click through to the Google Play store above and you'll find more games than you have time to play.

What I particularly like about this selection of games is that it offers something useful for folks who might need to minimize their data usage. And it also helps avoid the annoying games that require a lot of in-game purchases and that sort of thing. I really loathe games like that and I'd rather avoid them as much as possible.

Hopefully Google will continue to add more games to the list as they become available. No doubt there is going to be a lot of downloading being done today once folks catch on to all of those offline Android games.

Seven file utilities for Android

Android Police has a useful roundup of seven file utilities for Android.

According to Android Police:

A few weeks ago, I selected 7 powerful file browsers for Android with unique capabilities. Some had cloud management support and robust features, others had gestures and distinctive interface elements. But while all of them could fill almost everyone's file management needs, there are a few other file-related functions that regular browsers don't do.

That's where today's selection comes into play. Whether you want to download, convert, sync, or send files, you will find an app here that handles that.


Redirect File Organizer

GetThemAll Any File Downloader

FolderSync Lite

File Converter

Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer

Search Duplicate File

More at Android Police

That's a great list of file utilities, but you may also want to check out the first article too which covers file browsers for Android.

Bad times for Samsung

Samsung has hit some rough waters. The company is being sued by Microsoft for non-payment of Android royalties, and an Apple copycat has displaced Samsung in the Chinese market.

According to BBC:

Microsoft is suing Samsung in a dispute over Android patent fees.

Microsoft says the South Korean firm failed to pay it on schedule for the use of its inventions and has begun legal action in New York.

In a blog, the US firm said Samsung had used Microsoft's takeover of Nokia's handset unit "as an excuse to breach its contract".

More at BBC

As much as I hate siding with Microsoft, it seems that Samsung is in the wrong here. Is it me or does it seem quite stupid for them to do this? Microsoft has very deep pockets and a lawsuit against Samsung won't make a dent in them. So Samsung might as well pay up now and avoid paying the same amount plus penalties if they lose in court.

Microsoft isn't the only company giving Samsung headaches though. Bloomberg notes that Xiaomi is beating Samsung in the Chinese smartphone market.

According to Bloomberg:

Samsung Electronics (005930:KS) is no longer at the top of the smartphone market in China. Local favorite Xiaomi shipped just under 15 million phones in China in the second quarter of this year, compared with 13.2 million for Samsung, according to research firm Canalys. Xiaomi had been the third-largest vendor in China in the first quarter and the sixth-largest in the world. The chart below shows smartphone sales in China by unit and by vendor:

More at Bloomberg

I wasn't aware of Xiaomi until very recently when they came under fire for blatantly copying Apple. Think I'm kidding? Check out Cult of Android's article about the "7 things copycat Xiaomi blatantly ripped off from Apple." It's a real doozy!

It's somewhat amusing though that Xiaomi is giving Samsung a headache or two in China. Let's face it, Samsung has more or less been a pain in the butt for Google over the years. The two companies have had a very tense relationship at times. So perhaps Xiaomi undercutting Samsung in China is just a case of Samsung reaping some seriously bad karma. What goes around comes around, I guess.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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