Report: Apple targeting September 9th for new iPhone reveal

Credit: Source: Apple

Every time I look at my friend's iPhone I think "Gosh, it's so tiny!" I felt that way when I was using my old Galaxy Nexus with it's 4.7" screen but now that I've upgraded to an LG G3 with its 5.5" screen that iPhone seems positively minuscule. Of course I know people who think my phone is ridiculously big, but at least Android owners have a choice.

Soon enough iPhone users may have a choice too. There's long been rumors around the next iteration of the iPhone. If the whispers are true, Apple will offer two new models of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7" screen and the other with a 5.5" screen. If you prefer the current 4" screen you might be out of luck.

So when will we know? According to Re/Code, September 9th; Apple is planning a big press event for that day. Re/Code says this is a "date to which Apple numerologists will strain to attribute significance." Well DUH, it's the date that Bungie's Destiny video game ships. And where did Bungie get it's start? On the Mac with Pathways to Darkness and Marathon. So that pretty much confirms there'll be a version of Destiny for the iPhone 6, right? (Relax, I'm kidding!)

Anyway the September 9th date is still rumor; invites haven't gone out and no official announcement has been made. It's just Walt Mossberg using his connections to leak dates. He's gotten it right in the past and the timing seems about right. iOS 8 was announced in June and promised for a Fall release.The iPhone 6 being announced in early September and shipping in late September or early October (with iOS 8 installed) just feels like the right timing. I'm choosing to believe Mossberg has this right, although I admit I'm relying on intuition rather than facts.

So iPhone owners what do you think? Do you want a nice big phone or will Tim Cook have to pry that 4" handset from your cold, dead fingers?

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