5 great free addons to boost Chrome and Firefox security

You won't have to spend a penny to protect your privacy when you browse the Web.

If you want to protect yourself against snoopers, hackers and more when browsing the Web, you need these five great security addons for Chrome and Firefox. They're all free, and they'll all help increase your online security.


This great tool, available as a Chrome extension and a Firefox and Internet Explorer addon, is a great password manager than does more than just manage your passwords. It also creates secure passwords and logs you in with them to sites automatically. It's a must-have.

HTTPS Everywhere

This one works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and in Firefox for Android, although the ones other than Firefox are in public beta. The idea behind it is simple and straightforward: It automatically forces your browser to use the secure HTTPS protocol on any site that can support it. If you have problems with any particular sites because of that, you can add the site to a list and HTTPS Everywhere won't force that site to use HTTPS.


This blocks third-party tracking cookies and a variety of other tracking elements. Not only will that improve your privacy, but it'll likely speed up your Web browsing as well.

AdBlock Plus

As the name implies, this does a great job of blocking ads, banners, pop-ups, and video ads. But it does much more than that as well, protecting your security by doing things such as stopping you from visiting domains known to host malware, and disabling third-party tracking cookies.

Privacy Badger

This one for both Firefox and Chrome from the privacy group eff.org is still in beta, but I've tried it and for me it worked without a hitch. It blocks third-party trackers, privacy-endangering ads, "supercookies," and more. It's smart enough to allow good cookies through, and only block dangerous ones.

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