Google explains how not to be a "Glasshole"

Do's and don'ts for wearable technology

We're quickly entering the era where we strap machines to our bodies to make us more knowledgable and powerful. Google Glass is the early adopter model for wearable technology, and these smart glasses have been, well, at least a little bit polarizing. Here's how to keep the peace if you have or ever decide to get Google Glass, straight from the search giant/automated future company itself.

Google's Glass Explorers page is like a primer in wearable computing ettiquette. Ask for permission before taking photos or videos of others. Don't "Glass-out" while using your glasses (it's probably as rude as staring at your cell phone throughout dinner). Be polite when answering questions about that weird thing on your head.

A lot of people don't like random people wearing Glass near them, like they're superspies (thus the name Glassholes). A course in digital-social etiquette could help, at least until we're all Glassholes.

[h/t TechCrunch]

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