Employers name retaining IT talent as top challenge

Recruiting also seen as a problem in hot tech job market

Hiring managers and HR professionals say attracting and retaining top IT talent are major challenges for 2014. According to CareerBuilder', 36% of those surveyed named IT staff retention as their top difficulty. Recruiting talented tech pros was in third place at 29%. The figures are unsurprising considering the abundance of jobs, money and projects available to tech pros with hot skills. According to Dice.com's 2014 Tech Salary Survey 65% of IT pros are confident they could find a new, better position.

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[Nearly 3 out of 4 employers have hard time filling IT jobs ] "That overwhelming confidence matched with declining salary satisfaction (54%) will keep tech-powered companies on edge about their retention strategies," survey authors note. "Employers are using selective and strategic increases in compensation to hold onto experienced tech talent." Adds Dice President Shravan Goli: "Tech hiring managers tell me they are stretching budgets where they can to keep their technology work forces focused and satisfied." The Top 10 Staffing Challenges for IT Employers: 1. Retaining top talent: 36% 2. Lifting employee morale: 31% 3. Recruiting high-skill applicants: 29% 4. Providing competitive compensation: 27% 5. Worker burnout: 26% 6. Maintaining productivity levels: 25% 7. Managing organizational changes: 21% 8. Providing competitive benefits: 20% 9. Providing upward mobility: 17% 10. Cutting down on cost-per-hire:16% Click below for more challenges 11-15. via CareerBuilder

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