Get Microsoft Office 365 free for a year with your iPad and a little luck

Save $100 and get full editing capabilities on the new Office for iPad

It was about time (or maybe too late), but Microsoft finally unveiled the official Office for iPad apps today. The good news is the mobile office suite looks great on the iPad; the bad news is if you want to be able to edit documents and not just view them on the iPad, you need an Office 365 subscription--which costs $99.99 a year. This weekend, however, Microsoft is giving away free Office 365 subscriptions to some iPad owners.

free Microsoft Office 365

To get the deal, which runs from Friday, March 28th through Sunday, March 30th, you'll need to be one of the first fifty (50) customers who walk in with an iPad into a Microsoft Store, ZDNet reports.

That's good news if you have a Microsoft Store near you and not many iPad owners know about this promotion. Bad news if, well, the opposite.

It's a fine promotion, but surely between a read-only version of Office for iPad and one requiring a $100/year subscription there could've been something in between?

Anyway, good luck, and let us know what you thinkof the new Office on iPad.

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