A guide to spring cleaning your social media footprint

Steps for tidying up your online appearance for the sake of your career

Yes, IT jobs are plentiful and recruiters are contacting you at late-'90s levels. However, employers will think twice about offering you a job if your social media profiles scream "unprofessional."

Career Savvy offers up a series of must-dos if you want to ensure your online persona is attractive and professional.

1. Google yourself and find your own dirt.

2. Make friends with the Delete key and eliminate as much of it (questionable photos - especially others in which you're tagged - profane or revealing status updates, etc.) as possible. Yes, we know nothing truly goes away on the Internet, but you can at least make it harder to find.

3. Check your privacy settings across your social media accounts and, as much as possible, keep your private life private. We're looking at you, Facebook users.

Career Savvy says 1 in 3 employers have rejected candidates based on something they discovered online.

  • 76% check Facebook.
  • 53% check Twitter.
  • 48% check LinkedIn. (That sounds quite low, but what salacious details would one post there, anyway?)

What are employers looking for?

  • 65% - a gauge of a candidate's "professionalism in terms of social conduct."
  • 51% - an evaluation of how a candidate would fit into the corporate culture.
  • 45% - more about a candidate's qualifications.

Click below for a handy infographic that outlines the above, as well as advice on profile pictures, effective tweeting and more.

via Career Savvy

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