Check out everyone's favorite IFTTT recipes here

Love app-automating tool IFTTT? Or curious about it? Then head here.

I can't fully express how much I love IFTTT (If This Then That), the free service that connects different apps to automate all kinds of things. With it, you can automatically save email attachments to your cloud storage of choice, get text alerts for severe weather advisories, add new movie releases to your calendar, and much more. What are the best recipes (i.e., ways to use IFTTT)? Well, here's a crowd-sourced collection.

IFTTT has gathered a list of the top 100 "chefs" or recipe sharers of the service. Head to any of them and in the "favorites" tab you'll see the most popular recipes of these most popular IFTTT users. 

The first on the list, alexander, has 76 favorites for the recipes he's shared--and they've been used over 8,500 times in the last month.

IFTTT recipes

I'm #25 on the list, by the way, as of this writing. The recipes I've shared include things like creating an automatic log or diary from your Facebook, Instagram, and other networks into Evernote.

Anyway, this is a great list to visit if you want to find more useful IFTTT recipes to supercharge all your apps (and make life easier).

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