Your strategic guide to big data challenges and opportunities

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To examine what it takes to succeed with big data, the editors of ITworld, CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, and Network World have joined forces to create this strategic guide. In this special report, we look at big data implementations from multiple angles and provide sound advice on how to best to proceed.

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You'll learn about issues such as the following:

  • What goes into a sound storage and backup plan for the massive volumes of information that big data projects produce? You’ll hear advice from experts on how to decide what data should live where and how to keep it all safe.

  • How early adopters are finding that big data can improve their marketing efforts, customer service programs and more, prompting more companies to take the big data plunge.

  • How healthcare companies are learning that big data analytics efforts can drive changes in patient behavior, improve clinical outcomes and help reduce fraud.

  • The biggest challenges with big data projects, including the immaturity of big data tools, a lack of people with expertise in big data technologies, the challenge of making the right investments and hardware that can’t handle big data projects.

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We’re confident you’ll find valuable information that will serve you well in planning your own big data project.

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