How to fix your iOS battery drain problem in 8 steps, according to a former Apple Genius

Make your iPhone or iPad last longer with these time-proven tips

Who would know better about iPhone and iPad battery problems than an Apple Genius (i.e., customer tech support specialist)? Day after day, Geniuses have to solve the befuddling problem, "Why doesn't my iPhone last all day?" Scotty Loveless, ex-Apple Genius, shares his top 8 tips for making the iOS battery life suck a little less.

He tells you how to test if your iOS battery drain is a problem, by going to Settings > General > Usage and compare your battery usage to your standby time, which should be significantly higher.

He shows us that quitting (or closing) apps actually makes your battery life worse. (Surprise!)

And he shows us the settings you should tweak to get more juice out of your iOS device. Head over to Overthought for the full instructions. [via TheNextWeb]

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