This Mother’s Day, give mom peace of mind [CARTOON]

Celebrate mom by helping to protect her from the next Heartbleed

Cartoon of a couple in bed asleep. Standing next to mom's side of the bed is a young boy holding up a piece of paper. He says, 'Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! Look what I made for you - more secure passwords!'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Mom's love homemade gifts...

As you hopefully already know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you’re stuck for an idea as to what to get your mom or wife for Mother's Day, how about taking a cue from the recent World Password Day and give her the gift of increased online security? Mom’s always love stuff their kids make, anyway, whatever it is. It’s a no lose!

Anyway, to all you mom's out there, have a great Mother’s Day!

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