Spotify new iPhone app may confuse subscribers on how to stream

Spotify's recent upgrade to its iPhone app may confuse you.

I've been a happy Spotify subscriber for quite some time, willing to pay $10 a month to stream music to my iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Sonos music system. But Spotify's latest iPhone update looked as if it thumbed its nose at paying iPhone subscribers. In fact, it didn't, and was just a confusing interface. Read on for details.

(Note: This blog has been edited, based on new information given to me by Spotify about how the new iPhone app works. For details on what to do if you have shuffle problems head here.)

Before the latest iPhone update, when you came across an album you wanted to play, it was simple to do: Tap and you play it, one song after another, in the order in which they're on the album. What could be simpler?

That's appeared not to be the case after the iPhone update, though. There's a big Shuffle Play button front and center. Tap it, and Spotify shuffles the order of the tracks on the album, playing them randomly.

Spotify users might have felt out in the cold. They have the same interface as non-paying users. I tried logging out and then logging back in again after the upgrade, hoping that would solve the problem. It didn't.

I sent email to Spotify technical support about the problem, asking for a solution.

They never got back to me.

I sent email to Spotify's press team asking for a solution.

They never got back to me, either. Not at first, anyway. They said they sent email and it got caught in a spam filter. They followed up with a phone call and email and showed me the fix.

Find the album you want to play.If it shuffles, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen. From the screen that appear, you'll see that the Shuffle button is green. Tap it so that it turns white. You've just turned Shuffle off. Now tap the first track on the album or playlist. But be careful not to let you finger wander, because if you tap the "..." on the right-hand side of the screen, you won't play the album or playlist from that point on, but instead you'll get a series of choices, such as adding it to a playlist, adding it to a queue, sharing it and so on. That does the trick.

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