Simple way for Spotify to stream track after track on the iPhone

If you're confused by how to stream entire un-shuffled albums with Spotify on the iPhone, here's how.

A few days ago I wrote about what appeared to be a problem with Spotify's recent iPhone upgrade, and included a workaround. But Spotify has come through with a simpler answer. It works like a charm. Here's how to do it.

After I installed the most recent Spotify upgrade, it appeared as if I could no longer play all tracks in an album or playlist one after another even though I'm a Spotify subscriber. There's now a big Shuffle Play button front and center. When I tried to play tracks one after another, they instead shuffled.

That's because Shuffle was turned on. I turned it off, and there still seemed to be no way to play tracks the way I wanted, without a somewhat confusing workaround. But Spotify has gotten back to me, and there's a way to do it --- one that I missed.

If your music shuffles on your iPhone and you're a subscriber, here's what to do. Find the album you want to play, and if it shuffles, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen. From the screen that appear, you'll see that the Shuffle button is green. Tap it so that it turns white. You've just turned Shuffle off.

Now go back and tap the first track on the album or playlist. But be careful not to let you finger wander, because if you tap the "..." on the right-hand side of the screen, you won't play the album or playlist from that point on, but instead you'll get a series of choices, such as adding it to a playlist, adding it to a queue, sharing it and so on.

That's what it takes to do it. I've heard from other people who have been confused by the update as well. But it works fine. All is right in my music world. Spotify remains the best streaming service out there.

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