Google giving public a shot at Glass on tax day

Credit: Source: Google+ Glass Page

Having you been watching the development of Google Glass from the sidelines, saddened by the fact that you can't run down to Best Buy and purchase a pair? (Is 'pair' appropriate in this context?)

If so, pay attention! In what seems to me like a cruel irony, Google is going to make Glass available to anyone for one day only: April 15th. So yes, after Uncle Sam crushes your soul and squeezes every penny he can from you, you can pick yourself up and hand over $1,500 (plus tax of course) to become a "Glass Explorer." The deal is open to US residents only.

Here's the link you need to purchase Glass. The deal goes live at 9 am ET and supplies will be limited, but that form implies that maybe you're reserving a place in line by signing up now? It's worth a try and better than getting up at 6 am if you happen to be on the West Coast. For a little bit more info, check out the Google+ post that announced the deal.

In addition to the basic Glass (is there such a thing?) you'll also get "your favorite shade or frame, thanks to feedback from our current Explorers" whatever that means.

If anyone takes advantage of this offer please come back and leave a comment on this post.

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