Is Dell's Chromebook 11 the best Chromebook ever?

Dell's new Chomebook is an impressive machine. Is it the one you should get?

Dell just released the latest entry in the Chromebook wars, its Dell Chromebook 11. It's a great machine -- but is it the best Chromebook ever?

The Dell Chromebook 11 is aimed at the education market, not general consumers, but that doesn't mean only students and teachers can buy it. Anyone can get one directly from Dell's Web site. There are two models, one with 2 GB of RAM, which sells for $279, and one with 4 GB of RAM, which goes for $299. There's no doubt which anyone should get -- the $299 model. Paying only $20 for 2GB of RAM is a deal you can't pass up.

And that's one reason the Dell Chromebook 11 is an impressive machine. With 4GB of RAM, it can handle anything you can throw at it, including keeping open many many tabs at the same time.

There are plenty of other reasons to like this machine. It's powered by Intel's latest generation of Haswell chips, so it's plenty fast.

The 11.6-inch display features 1366 by 768 pixel resolution, which does the job. And there's also a full complement of connectivity and ports, including 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, two USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and an HDMI port.

The battery life really stands out -- it's rated at 10 hours, and those who have used it say that it actually lasts that long. They keyboard is also a solid, useful one, which is something where some Chromebook makers stint on.

It all adds up to a very impressive machine, and at the moment, it's probably the best Chomebook when it comes to matching performance with value.

As to how long that will last, it's hard to know. The Samsung Chromebook 2 is on the way, and it'll be one to watch.

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