5 great free iOS and Android apps for organizing and sharing photos

Here's what photoholics need to get.

Got photos you want to organize and share on your Android or iOS device? There are plenty of apps out there -- here are five of my favorite free ones.


This app from cloud-storage giant Dropbox does a very nice job of organizing your photos, a reasonable job of backing them up, and a not-that-great job of sharing them. With it, you won't have to take steps to organize and back up your photos, because it does the work for you, organizing them by date, and automatically backing them up to your Dropbox account. And it's also easy to share all photos from a single day, or individual photos.

But there are drawbacks. You can't share via email, and if you want to share via chat, the person with whom you're chatting and sharing will also have to have Carousel as well. And you don't get a whole lot of storage for your photos: 3 GB for signing up, plus 2 GB from your Dropbox account. For many people, that 5 GB isn't enough. You'll have to pay for extra.


This free app backs up your mobile photos and videos to a private albums that you can share with others. The photos and much more are available from the Web site, including photo editing, sharing and automated sharing using Facebook and Twitter. The company also has a new app called Snapbucket that's Instagram-like and lets you add filters and effects to your photos and share them with others.


This one does a great job of automatically grouping your photos into albums by location and by date. In fact, it can even look into your calendar entries or Facebook Events and group them according to those entries as well. You can then share the albums in multiple ways, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS and email.


This nifty free app organizes your photos and videos into a calendar and timeline, and stores them in the cloud. You can also import them from computers, hard drives, smartphones, digital cameras, Instagram and Facebook, so that you have all of your photos in one place. Because you save photos and videos to the cloud, you save on storage on your local phone. You can tag photos, and share them in multiple ways as well.


This granddaddy of photo Web sites has just released an updated mobile app for iOS and Android, and it's better than previous versions. It's a breeze to use filters on your photos and videos, and it's simple to share using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, and text.

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