5 free tools for powering up Google Drive

Do everything from creating videos to sending and receiving faxes and drawing floor plans.

If you're a Google Drive user, I've got good news for you: Five free tools that give it capabilities you probably never thought possible.

Pixlr Editor

This is a surprisingly powerful photo editor that opens and stores files directly in Google Drive. There's the usuals, such as red-eye remover, drawing tools, and cloning tools. But there's much more as well, including many filters, a desaturation tool, and plenty more.


Ah, mail merge, the bane of many people's existence. Well, with this add-in, it needn't be the bane of yours. It does a quick and easy job of taking people's names and addresses from a Google Sheet spreadsheet, then lets you do a mail merge to create multiple personalized documents for everyone on the list.


Faxing lives on, whether you like it or not. HelloFax brings that last-century technology into this century by letting you send and receive faxes from directly inside Google Drive. Fill out your fax sheet, enter the number where you want the fax sent, and off it goes. You can send up to five fax pages for free. After that, it's 99 cents a pop.


This is a surprisingly powerful video creator and editor, which lets you create new videos from existing clips, trimvideos, addspecial effects and text, recordvoice-overs, and more. It stores all of its videos in a WeVideo folder on Google Drive. You can also share your videos with others.


Are you getting work done on your house, planning an extension, or need to make floor plans for another reason? Then give this remarkable add-in a try. You'll find it surprisingly easy to design rooms and furnish them, and see it all in 3D. Although it's simple to use, it's quite precise as well. Files are stored and opened in Google Drive.

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