Get a sneak peek of Office Mix, Microsoft's new interactive presentation tool

The free add-in promises to make online lessons and presentations less boring

Microsoft is gearing up to introduce Office Mix, a new platform that will let you jazz up presentations with videos, handwriting, quizzes, and other interactive elements. You can sign up for the preview today.

Deatils on the site are sparse, to say the least. You only have the options to sign in with an invite code or request a code through Microsoft's Connect site. The Office Mix knowledgebase, however, clues us in to what Mix actually does.

Mix installs an add-in for PowerPoint 2013, but it's not just a slides add-in. You can use Mix to record your screen, track viewers' participation and interaction with your presentations or lessons, and turn them into an interactive document that can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. 

Its obvious use is for teachers (who know that keeping their audience engaged is paramount), but Mix has the potential to seriously upgrade PowerPoint for anyone who uses it. If you sign up for the preview but don't have PowerPoint 2013, you'll get a free 180-day trial for PowerPoint 2013 too.

[h/t ZDNet]

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