Over a quarter of mid-size firms have no mobile strategy

Despite it being considered as a 'fourth utility'

Over a quarter (28 percent) of mid-sized UK businesses don't have a mobile strategy in place, according to research.

Managed service provider Intrinsic commissioned market research firm Vanson Bourne to question 250 IT decision makers at mid-size companies - employing between 250 and 1,000 - about their attitudes towards mobility.

Intrinsic's study shows that mobile technologies, including mobile devices and applications, voice and video conferencing and cloud computing, are now seen by almost all IT decision makers (92 percent) as the fourth utility for business, alongside electricity, gas and water.

Despite this the study suggests that many businesses are not taking a concerted, strategic approach to embracing mobile, with 28 percent not having a mobile strategy, and 30 percent not having a continuity strategy when it comes to internet access. In addition, 46 percent had no continuity plans for the loss of mobile devices.

Darron Antill, CEO of Intrinsic, said: "The bottom line is that a mobile strategy is now business-critical for almost all mid-sized UK organisations.

"To remain competitive, these businesses need to implement a strategic programme that enables or increases the ability for employees to work flexibly, securely, more collaboratively and more productively through the use of technology.

"This will enable them to become more operationally and culturally agile and more effectively respond to everyday challenges."

The survey showed that almost half of respondents cited increased mobile use as helping them to become more agile, to meet workforce demands, and to allow staff to work remotely.

Almost 60 percent said they are introducing a flexible/remote working policy.

This story, "Over a quarter of mid-size firms have no mobile strategy" was originally published by Computerworld UK.

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